Before Tattoo:

 - you should not take antibiotics for about a week before tattooing (ATBs fight against foreign substances in the body, so also against the color)

 - you should not be ill (flu, angina, skin disease ... etc.) Whether due to poor healing, hygiene and safety

 - complications include diabetes, increased bleeding, increased blood pressure, allergy to disinfection ... all you have to report in advance and talk to a tattoo artist, or even a doctor

 - contraindications:  infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV / AIDS ...), pregnancy ...

 - 24 hours before tattoo do not drink alcohol (thin blood, so it pushes out the color and complicates the work to tattoo artist)

- do not tan or get too much sun before tattoo and do not go to the solarium, the skin is burned and we cannot tattoo a sunburn or flaking pealing skin

 - You will sign a contract before the tattoo that you are over 18 years old and you have been taught about the possible risk associated with tattooing and subsequent tattoo care

 - if you are under 18, an informed consent must be signed by a legal representative

 - it is also good to avoid drinking a lot of coffee and smoking before the tattoo

 - it is good to eat before having a tattoo and have a comfortable outfit

 - before each tattoo it is necessary to sign an informed consent to the tattoo, full text is available for download here:

After Tattoo:

- always wash your hands prior to touching your tattoo. Dirty hands can spread infection.

- 4 to 5 hours after receiving your tattoo, remove the bandage and gently wash the tattoo with soap and water. This will remove ointment, excess color and white blood cells

- dry your tattoo by blotting it with a dry, clean, lint-free paper towel. Do not rub your tattoo

- use ointment approximately 2-3 times a day. Apply enough ointment to keep the tattoo from getting dry- if you let it crack, it may scar. But do not drown the tattoo in ointment .  Soggy is not good too. Listen to your body

- ointment recommended: Bepanthen , Panthenol, Vaseline

- DO NOT USE:  FRAMYKOIN, BABY OIL!!!! ....."removes" the colour

- do not cover the tattoo with folie again … let it “breathe”

- keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight and away from for 14 days. No swimming in rivers, pools, or spas. Also, avoid long baths. Take the short shower

- your tattoo may scab, flake or peel. This is natural. Do not pick at the scab. This may remove ink and damage your tattoo or make an infection

- if you don’t follow aftercare instruction it can cause an infection or color fading

- If you think you are allergic to the tattoo or the aftercare products, or believe that you have an infection, please contact tattoo artist or doctor

- Use sunscreen of at least SPF 30 after it has healed

Download all instruction:

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